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Save valuable time & money by prospecting directly to exclusive investors with a specific interest in hedge funds.

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Attract New Investors

Increase AUM!

How Can Our Lists Benefit You?

Save Time & Money

Prospecting directly to exclusive investors with a specific genre interest.

Relationship Focused

Take advantage of the fact that our lists were compiled by a hedge fund marketing professional & specifically organized for relationship development.

Current & Accurate Lists

Our lists were compiled from various professional hedge fund marketing sources & are up to date & accurate.

Attract New Capital

Easily meet your AUM goals.

Targeted Lists

Choose a list(s) that meet your specific needs as a fund manager, intermediary or capital introduction specialist, without making a huge capital outlay.

Raise NEW money

Reach investors that WANT to hear from you.


Michael Smith, President,

Michael Smith, President,

Eric and his team at Phenom Ventures (owner of have become a trusted partner of ours.


The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phenom Ventures LLC, a Chicago based corporation. We’ve had our own experiences as a capital introduction intermediary for hedge funds and have compiled a robust list of contacts during that time. We concluded that there’s enough money in the world to go around and decided to share our valuable databases at an affordable rate. It also didn’t hurt that we were approached by an individual leaving the hedge fund marketing space and offered to sell us his battle tested “black book” of hedge fund investors!


Eric Muschinski

Eric Muschinski is the Founder and Editor of Gold Investment Letter, Elite Investments, and the Black Gold Letter. He is Founder and CEO of Phenom Ventures LLC, and CEO/Co-Founder of Investor Media LLC. Phenom Ventures is Eric’s holding company which operates divisions such as Phenom Capital Advisors, Phenom Data, and Phenom Newsletters. Eric serves as the Executive Chairman of the development committee and on the board of directors of Changefire (, a non profit organization based in Los Angeles.

Eric is also a Board of Directors member at and an Advisor to the Board of Directors at Patriot Gold Corp, a publicly traded company on the OTC. Prior to launching his entrepreneurial endeavors, Eric also had over 15 years of diverse experience in the securities industry. Initially as a general securities broker, and later becoming recognized as a specialist assisting the needs of high-net-worth investors, Eric focused his practice on alternative investments, including venture capital, private equity, and alternative investment management, exclusively for accredited investors and institutions.

Prior to Waveland Capital and Energy Partners, where he worked from 2006-2011, Eric was Vice President and Co-Founder of GunnAllen Venture Partners where he worked with financial advisors to enhance their practice by understanding the firms offerings and incorporating late-stage private equity and venture capital into their clients portfolios. Prior to GunnAllen, Eric served in the Private Client Group with McDonald Investments Inc., and another boutique investment bank headquartered in Chicago. Eric specializes in writing about alternative investments, private equity, venture capital, and equity trading and investing, with a focus on the natural resources, mining, technology, and healthcare sectors. Eric studied Business Economics and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

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